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Marty Ladd

Installations & Service

What do you like about working at Toth's Sports?

Whatever comes our way there is encouragement, support, and a willingness to come out of our comfort zone to tackle unforeseen situations or problems. Whether that be at work, or on the home front, we stand strong for each other!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Spending time with family and friends, riding my motorcycle, fixing things that are broken, welding, and from time to time, enjoying a good cigar while sitting on the dock looking over Keuka Lake!

What is your favorite quote(s)?

"“Choose To Sin Choose To Suffer”
  Sin: Takes You! farther than you wanted to go!
         : Keeps You! Longer than you wanted to stay!
          :Costs You! More than you wanted to pay! 
Therefore: “ Be on your guard;stand firm in the Faith; Be men of courage;Be strong! 1 Cor 16:13"

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