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Lisa Schiske - Pavilion Fire Department

Pavilion Fire Department was ready to take the next step making their presence known in the Community of Pavilion. Investing in a state of the art 'Digital Message Center' can be a little intimidating and very costly. Rusty, at Toth Sports, made a commitment to PFD to partner with us from the very beginning until we are 'pros' running our message center and we are completely satisfied with our investment! If in the years down the road we have questions, Rusty assured us he will help us or lead us to the person who can.

The whole experience with Toth Sports from what would best fit the Department's needs to suggestions on how we could even bring the cost down a little was very appreciative. Come the day of the install, we had the pleasure of meeting with the installers Jeremy and Jared who were punctual, very kind, courteous and very neat! Just before the last part of the Message Board was installed, right on time walked in Dan the software tech to train us for over an hour on all the features of our board and how it operates. When Dan left after the training, he reassured us that no question on the operation of the board is too big or too small, please just call, we will be ready and anxious to help you!!

Working with all these different folks at Toth Sports, you just KNEW they all enjoy their place of employment and had respect for one another's talents and job descriptions. We want to say 'Thank You' to Toth Sports and your employees for making this buying experience a positive one from start to finish!!


Doris Godfrey - Chautauqua Lake CSD

I have dealt with Toth's Sports on 2 separate occasions and in 2 separate capacities. The first time was as a swim coach at Chautauqua Lake Central School. We desperately needed a touch pad system and a scoreboard. Toth's was attentive and worked with us to develop a 2 phase schedule to get these major capital improvements installed over 2 years. The whole team was responsive and provided the training needed to implement our system.

I am now the president of our school's sports booster program. Our scoreboard at our soccer field needed to be replaced and I immediately thought of Toth's Sports. Once again, I wasn't disappointed. Images were rendered and altered and then altered some more. Toth's worked with all of the various stakeholders in this project until we had a final product that was installed AHEAD of schedule. I came away from the project feeling as though Toth's was our partner rather than just a supplier.

Needless to say, I'm a happy customer and would recommend Toth's Sports!

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Kevin Watson - Kendall CSD

It is true that Toth Sports is responsible for providing our district with countless athletic upgrades over the past eleven years: tennis windscreens, retractable batting cage, countless electronic scoreboards, wrestling mats, and even uniforms (in the early days). Although their products are always top-notch and their customer service is without comparison, I am most thankful for the relationship I have forged with the entire team at Toth Sports – especially my dear friend, Rusty Knight. To Rusty (and the entire Toth Family), sales are secondary: relationships…true relationships and a commitment to serving others are paramount. Aside from consulting with the best brands in the business, Toth Sports offers a level of assurance not found in any other company: the kind of piece-of-mind found only in a Family-run business focused solely on the customer’s needs – not the company’s bottom line.

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