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Toth's History

S.C.Toth Inc. was founded in 1959 by Sam Toth under the name of “Toth’s 3 Hour Laundry “. Even though the main focus was the laundry and dry cleaning business, schools began contacting us to see if we would consider cleaning and repairing their team uniforms.  The reconditioning of football helmets and shoulder pads soon followed.  As the need for replacement items under the schools’ reconditioning budgets came into play, we began our venture into the sale of team uniforms and equipment.

In 1979, a retail store “Toth’s Sports”, was opened in Henrietta with the institutional cleaning business moving into the back half of the building. In 1987, the decision was made to concentrate solely on the team business, which led to the move from the Henrietta area to Victor, NY in 2001.

Our focus is on high schools, colleges, and clubs in Western and Central New York.  We have linked up with the very finest manufacturers in the country who stand behind their products.

We exist to serve people and to build relationships. There will never be a day when the dollar will get in the way of that goal.

“It has been my privilege over the years to work with some great people; my dad, numerous athletic directors and coaches, and the people I work with in the present.  Everyone has a story and a destiny laid out for them. Throughout that time, the single thing that I have appreciated most about my job is that it has given me a way of helping and coming alongside some of these people that have crossed my path.

There has been no greater friend or helper for me than my wife, Amy.  We have six kids that love the Lord and like to spend most of their spare time with a soccer ball. The four older girls are married, along with Jared, who is a part of the team here. And we have already been blessed with eleven grandchildren.” – Lanse Toth

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